Services and Solutions

De Voorkant is a Dutch software services company. We specialise in Front End and Mid Office & Integration solutions.

Since 1997, we focus on building solid business software, connecting back end systems to the fast moving world of mobile and responsive web, corporate and private clouds and Software as a Service concepts.

Our management system for information security is certified to conform to ISO/IEC 27001:2022, applicable to development, implementation and management of standard and custom software solutions.

Additionally, our hosting partners have ISAE 3402 SOC2 Type 2 certifications.


Achieve your goals with our help

Cloud Solutions

Connect and Scale

Cloud based solutions – using your applications and data everywhere, anytime

Software as a Service - running your business applications while we care for operations, hosting, maintenance and infrastructure

Subscription based software – state of the art, always the latest technology, no legacy

Mobile and Web

In the palm of your hand

Responsive WebiOSAndroidWindows

Our extensive experience with both responsive web technology and native mobile app development allows us to offer you a wide variety of choices when it comes to the most personal interface to your enterprise solutions.

Business Process

Flexilibity built in

IntegrationEnterpriseIT & OrganizationBPMN 2.0

To successfully introduce a new IT system in your organization, all parties concerned need to be closely involved in the process.

Banking and Financials

Reliable Solutions

Based on a wealth of experience partnering with leading financial organisations, and a comprehensive range of services and solutions, we get you results.


Combining data from external resources with your own customer data, improve your risk profiles resulting in a better customer acceptance. We have integrated a great variety of third party (credit) data providers in various projects.

Risk Management, Fraud Prevention

With our Score and Business rule System effective score cards can be designed to score and monitor your customer data.

Bkr Connect

Our SaaS and Web enabled solution, connecting the Bureau Krediet Registratie services, provides a complete Credit Profiling solution for your customers. For more information, visit


We know how to apply modern standards like oAuth 2.0, SSL, (Client Side) Certificates and PKI Encryption. From experience, we can choose from a number of solutions and concepts to provide you with the best (federated) authentication and authorization implementation or integration for your situation.

Customer Life Cycle Management

The event driven CustomerInsight concept is the answer to "How is my customer doing today?". It follows your customer during life time and gives context to customer data by profiling organisational resources needed for specific purposes in your process.

Business Process Engine

Our solutions not only help understand and document your business processes; Using a business process engine the business process drawing can actually be executed.


Combined Efforts

In over twenty years, we have taken part in a large number of software development projects for large enterprise projects, but also in small technically focused development trajectories. We know how to setup and execute your project and how to make it a success.

Startups & Big Enterprises

Both Large and Small

We cooperate comfortably with large corporate IT departments as well as with multidisciplinary and international startup teams.


Tailored to your situation

We act flexible, scalable, agile and responsive within project organisations and teams.

Lean Projects


Often, a quick prototype implementation makes it much easier to define the functionality and boundaries of a system. Depending on your situation, the prototype can be used only for discussion or as a first implementation.

Shared Scrumboards

Be informed

We work together closely with your teams using online Bug Tracking systems and Scrum Boards to keep track of the planning and progress in real time.

Team and Technology

Focus and Values

We are highly educated and experienced IT specialists with a wide pallet of technical and interpersonal skills.

Our technical focus is on proven technology as well as the latest developments.

Like a Startup

Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry

We constantly look for new challenges. Our solutions are always designed with self service of the customer in mind. The customer stays independent and we can focus on new projects.

Tools and Technology

Proven or Cutting Edge

Even though we have learned a lot since we started in 1997, we stay eager to learn. Of course our solutions use proven technology, but we always strive to keep up with new developments and find more efficient and elegant ways to achieve our goals.


With a little help of our friends

We know our qualities and we know where we can use a helping hand. Combining strength with our partners for hosting and support, we stay focused and provide solid and secure software solutions.